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Immune Support Packs are back! 

$75 for 4 Metagenics supplements to help you get through cold and flu season 



A blend of vitamins C, D, zinc & concentrated mushroom extracts designed to provide multidimensional support for immune function. 

Directions: Take 1/day during times you need an immune boost.

UltraFlora Probiotics

Targeted probiotic support for healthy nasal, sinus & respiratory function. A blend of highly viable, pure strains of probiotics, clinically shown to support healthy nasal and sinus passages. 

Directions: Take 1/day throughout cold & flu season as a preventative measure, can increase to 2/day during illness. 

Vitamin D3

Featuring 1000IU per drop of D3 (the most bioactive form of supplemental vitamin D) Supports bone, cardiovascular and immune health. Mounting research suggests that vitamin D optimization boosts immunity and decreases rates of colds & flu.

Directions: Take 1 drop up to 5 times daily. Work with your physician to evaluate your vitamin D levels on a regular basis.

Essential Oil Hand Purifier 

The simple act of washing your hands is your most important defense! But when you’re on the go, here’s another option. Infused with antibacterial essential oils eucalyptus, lemon, clove, rosemary, cinnamon, its easier on your hands than conventional options. 

Directions: Use as needed! 
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